What a wonderful place we get to call home! Even after 22 years of living in Durango, Colorado, I still marvel at the sheer natural beauty surrounding me. I have been fortunate to share my life with a variety of great dogs. One of my favorite things about Durango is it is so dog friendly. Since my dog is aging and has severe arthritis and progressing kidney disease, she can no longer hike with me. I am always amazed at how many people whom I do not know, stop and ask where my dog is and why I am not hiking with one. In Durango, nearly everyone shares their life with a dog!

Some of my favorite things to do with an awesome dog are: Hike! Camp! Play in the River! Go for car rides! Go for a mountain bike ride! Grab some grub on an outdoor patio! Walk Main Street! Cross Country Skiing!

Having a wonderful canine companion to enjoy the natural outdoor beauty with is second to none.

Of course it bears mentioning when you are out having fun with your dog to be a responsible dog owner:

  • Keep your dog in sight and under voice command or on a leash. Practicing recall is essential if your dog will be off leash. Not only for its safety, but also the safety of wildlife and for those other people you might encounter.
  • Bag poop and take the bag with you (nothing worse than bagged poop laying around).
  • Make sure your dog is well socialized with other dogs and people. A dog who does not like certain people or other dogs should always be on a leash for everyone’s safety.

Being a responsible pet owner ensures that we can continue to enjoy the out of doors with our beloved companions.

I know it is a highlight for me as I am sure it is for you, as well.