Tips for Best Benefits

Getting the most out of pet sitting services

Let us know your pet’s history and habits.

– Daily routine
– Health problems
– Medications
– Toy preferences
– Favorite hiding places
– Any unusual habits or fears
– Proof of vaccinations

Plan Ahead

– Make your reservations early, especially during the Holidays.
– Have an extra key to your house and make sure it works.
– Buy extra food, litter, etc. in case you are delayed.
– Have visible identification on your pets.

Prepare your home before you leave

– Leave a piece of clothing you have recently worn for your pet’s security.
– Leave current veterinarian information or other important phone numbers.
– Arrange for snow removal and mowing of lawns.
– Inform neighbors that a pet sitter will be making visits to your home.

Always promptly let your pet sitter know that you made it home safe!

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