Lori and Rosie

“Of all the wonderful people I’ve come across in my life, I don’t believe any of them could exceed Rhonda’s deep commitment to excellence and responsibility in dealing with the care of our animals. Rhonda’s desire to start Custom Animal Services was a perfect fit for her as well as a necessary link for those of us who love our animals so, that we find it difficult to leave them. Rhonda’s constant involvement with animals, as well as her many years of working in veterinary clinics give me all the comfort and reassurance necessary to leave my animals in her care. When I want to leave home and simply not worry about anything at all, I call Rhonda.”

Lori & Rosie

two dogs looking out a car window

“Custom Animal Services has a great team of caring individuals. Our dogs are always excited to see their own personal ‘guests’ arrive at the door just to see them. It’s nice to be away on a trip and feel confident that our furry little friends will be watched over with the greatest of care. We were so excited to find Custom Animal Services when we first moved to Durango and we’ve been using them ever since then.”

Cathi, Karsten, Foxy Brown & Honey Vixen

“Leaving behind one’s cherished family pet(s) at vacation or travel time is one of life’s little difficult challenges. Faced with impending travel plans, my husband and I began to explore caregiver options for our three aging kitties. After online searching, neighborly conversations regarding pet care and a variety of search mechanisms, we chose Custom Animal Services of Durango.

Custom Animal Services’ website outlined their policies in detail, gave in-depth biographies of their employees, provided a variety of contact options, and in all aspects appeared very professional. We appreciated what we saw and contracted with Custom Animal Services for the care of our kitties while we were away. We arrived back home to three contented, well-fed and happy felines…. and in addition, our home was clean and in good order. The kitties (and our home) had received excellent care!!! Additionally, the communication lines were open and used multiple times during our absence regarding our family pets.

Upon our arrival home, we were additionally pleased to find that invoices for services rendered by Custom Animal Services was payable by PayPal….a payment process of which we are tremendous fans!

We feel blessed to have found Custom Animal Services…and highly recommend you include them in your future travel arrangements for the care of your “furry family friends.” We are more than confident that you will be very pleased with their service!

May I assure you that our comments are totally unsolicited and completely heartfelt!!”

Charles & Charlotte… and Kitties 3

“We have been so pleased with Rhonda and her staff at custom animal services! It’s so nice to be able to leave town and know that our horses are in great hands! We never worry about a thing when we are away. The staff is very professional and experienced with horses. When we contact them about needing horse care they respond quickly and are very accommodating! Durango is so lucky to have this wonderful group providing a much needed service!”


“The staff at Custom Animal Services are beyond awesome. Due to a work schedule, I had to make last minute reservations for pet-sitting, it was close to a holiday week, and they made it work.

I was so grateful. I fully trust Custom Animal Services to take excellent care of my pets.

Thank you Rhonda and staff!”


dog in the beach

“Custom Animal Services is a great resource for my dogs Blizzard and Zoey. They look forward to their daily pet exercise and it gives me great peace of mind to know that they are being checked on and in good hands. Rhonda and her staff are great and very flexible and accommodating.”


“Custom Animal Services has taken amazing care of all of our pets for many years. Rhonda and her crew have been unflappable, kind, understanding, and reliable through many pets with interesting personalities and many life events. They were there to care for us and our pets when our 17-year-old cat passed away during our vacation, and when our large dog accidentally damaged our small dog’s eye while we were away. They helped us during a major surgery when we could not say how long we would need them. And so on! In recent years, they have managed our very anxious dog, Zaida, (see that look on her face?) with tact, warmth, and understanding. In short, Custom Animal Services provides exemplary animal care and is an amazing asset to our community!”


Bud (the cat)

“We recently moved to Durango and needed to find a pet sitter for our soon-to-be 19 year old cat. Based upon recommendations, we contacted Rhonda at Custom Animal Services. We couldn’t be happier! Our cat, who can be finicky about whom he likes, gets along fabulously with his cat sitter. And we really appreciate the consistency of having the same caretaker for all of his visits. Rhonda has allowed us to have peace of mind while away from home. Custom Animal Services is a class act!”

Corin, John & Bud (the cat)

“We have known Rhonda since she started working at Riverview Animal Clinic and we started using Custom Animal Services about two years. Our three dogs and two cats love Rhonda and we know they are getting great care. It is so great to know that our pets are being well cared for when we are away from home. We would recommend Custom Animal Services to anyone who wants quality in-home pet care.”

Diana, Mike & family

“Leaving my animals is the hardest part of going on vacation. Although Steve & I often take our 2 dogs with us when we can, horse care is always a necessity & a concern for me. Horses are a lot of work! They are also big animals that have a propensity to hurt themselves if they can find something fun to get into. Rhonda has been a lifesaver for me. She has ridden most of her life & still does. She has her own 2 horses so horses are a part of her daily life. Besides her natural calm way with all animals, she has a degree in animal sciences & has worked as an “Animal Health Tech” for many years before starting her own business.

IF my horses have a problem while I am gone, I am confident that Rhonda will notice anything big or small & do what is necessary to take care of it. That takes a huge load off of my mind. All of our animals; dogs, cats, & horses love Rhonda & it’s obvious that she truly cares for them too. As a bonus, when I come home, my barn always looks as good as when I left. It doesn’t get better than that; happy animals & no extra work for me when I get home!”

Thanks Rhonda!

Sandi & Luke


“Our two geriatric dogs and their medications made us reluctant to call on friends when we leave town. Knowing you have the experience to recognize and handle a potential crisis is so comforting. The peace of mind is priceless.”



“I first met Rhonda at Riverview Animal Clinic, then again at dog agility classes. I have watched her relationship with her own pets and with the animals at the clinic, and I am absolutely confident in her maturity, reliability, and her pet-care wisdom. Plus she is simply a fantastic person! When a job kept me away from the house too long during the daytimes, Rhonda was able to care for Crash with exercise and play each day. Crash is a very high energy boy, and he was much calmer and happier when we got home each evening than if he’d been cooped up alone all day. It was a great relief and comfort to know that Crash and Rhonda would have some good interactive time each day, and it allowed me to focus completely on the job at hand! Many, many thanks!”

Karen and Crash

“Rhonda is so good with my horses that I plan my trips around her calendar. I actually won’t book my flight until she says yes! Bucky and Burt seem to respond positively to her professional care, and the several times that Bucky has thrown a shoe while in her care, Rhonda has called and arranged with my farrier to fix the problem even before I get home! I am 100% happy to leave them in her care, and for me to say that is HUGE.”


“We have been using Custom Animal Services, owned and managed by Rhonda Brown for more than six years. After many years of boarding our pets when we have traveled, it was such a great option finding this service! No more chasing and stressing the gang to get them to the vet. Rhonda came highly recommended and has certainly lived up to that recommendation. All of the pet/house-sitters we have had from Custom Animal Services have been wonderful with the pets, communicate regularly and send pictures and text messages while we are away. Rhonda herself has stepped in to take care of them when we have had to request sitters on short notice. Over the years, we have had some high maintenance pets requiring special car e and medication. Rhonda has always made sure they were well taken care of. We really hate having to leave them behind, but it is such a comfort knowing we don’t have to worry about them.

Minnie, Benson, Alice, Beatrix and Maverick.”

Guziejka Family

“Custom Animal Services was very professional and knowledgeable. They cared for our 2 kitties several times and were very flexible and able to accommodate us any time we needed them. They were able to handle my older cat’s medical needs without a problem and left us detailed notes for each visit letting us know exactly what they did and how the cats were doing. I felt very comfortable leaving the kitties in their hands when we were out of town several days at a time. I (and my cats!) highly recommend them!”


“We love Custom Animal Services! It’s so nice to be able to leave town and know that our pets are in good hands. Alison is responsible, reliable and great with our animals. We never have to worry about them while we’re away. Rhonda is always quick to get back to us and has even been able to help us with last minute situations! Thank you Custom Animal Services!! We appreciate you!

Charlie, Dani, Primo, Lily, Oliver & Oscar”

Charlie & Dani

“We have a little old lady lab that tends to pout when we leave her at home alone EXCEPT for when Rhonda visits!
Rhonda always sends a note to let me know how the visit with Lucy went. She also used to take care of our 19 year old kitty.
What more can we say—we trust Rhonda with our babies! Kim, Dan & Lucy”

Kim & Dan (Lucy)

Durango Pet Sitting

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