Tips for Best Benefits

Pet Sitting Tips – Get the most out of our services

Let us know your pet’s history and habits.

– Daily routine
– Health problems
– Medications
– Toy preferences
– Favorite hiding places
– Any unusual habits or fears
– Proof of vaccinations

Plan Ahead

– Make your reservations early, especially during the Holidays.
– Have an extra key to your house and make sure it works.
– Buy extra food, litter, etc. in case you are delayed.
– Have visible identification on your pets.

Prepare your home before you leave

– Leave a piece of clothing you have recently worn for your pet’s security.
– Leave current veterinarian information or other important phone numbers.
– Arrange for snow removal and mowing of lawns.
– Inform neighbors that a pet sitter will be making visits to your home.

Always promptly let your pet sitter know that you made it home safe!
Following these pet sitting tips helps ensure we can provide the best pet care services. Contact us with any questions, we’re excited to meet your dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, horses, or other special pets!


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